Peering Asia

Peering Asia 2021v

9 November 2021, Tuesday

04:00am - 08:00am UTC Time

Peering Personal

We would like to welcome you to be a part of Peering Community in the world of Internet. Thank you for your interest to participation in Peering Personal session at Peering Asia 2021v.

The Peering Personal will categories below;

  • Service Provier / CDN / OTT
  • Internet Exchange Provider (IXP)
  • Data Centre

Follow the steps below to learn more how to participate in Peering Personal Session

How to Participate Peering Personal Session

1. Identify what category are you, and click here to download the template.

2. Fill in the details with the template you have downloaded, you may refer to the sample. Once completed, save your file name with the format below;

i. For SP / CDN / OTT :: peeringpersonals-AS-Number.pptx
ii. For IXP :: ixp-introduction-internet-exchange-name.pptx
iii. For Data Centre :: dc-personals-your-data-centre-name.pptx

Lastly, click here to submit your slide to APNIC submission system or drop your presentation to Google Drive.

Please submit to us before 6 November 2021. 23:00 UTC